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Kempeneers-Baldewijns from Kelsbeek and Lowel-Vantilt from Wijer(Belgian province of Limburg)
Devroy-Stessens and Reynaerts-Janssens from Leuven (Flemish-Brabant)
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In the south of the Belgian province of Limburg, in the region of the city of Sint-Truiden - Haspengouw - the Kempeneers family is well accounted for. In many of the neighbouring villages like Metsteren, Melveren, Nieuwerkerken, Binderveld, Halmaal, Duras there is a Kempeneers to be found. This site containes the ancestry tree of the family of Isidoor Kempeneers - my grandfather - and Guillauminne Baldewijns - my grandmother, both born in the area at the end of the 19th century.

The data is based on the research of Piet Massoels, updated by Claire Kempeneers, for Kempeneers between 1800 and 1989. For the information on my mother's side (Lowel-Vantilt) I was lucky to get an almost complete family tree via an uncle. The Lowel-tree was researched by Firmin Luwel and Cecilia De Vries.

In the meantime we have added the families Devroy-Stessens. They originate from the Leuven area (province of Flemish-Brabant) for the Devroy family and Geel-Retie (province of Antwerp) for the Stessens family. The information was kindly offered by J. Devroy. The research for the Reynaerts-Janssens family - the first from Tienen, the last from Leuven - has started.

In addition to the ancestors, there are of course also the ancestors from which a lineage can also be made. This one is often forgotten (It's a man's man's world *...) 
but through the brand new project MAMAMITO, our grannies are once again shown in the light they deserve (but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl*). 
I have now also included these ancestors per family via the genealogy page.

We continue the job by going further down in history and by documenting - and sometimes correcting - the already assembled information. Recently we found the very first ancestor, Renier Kempeneers and his wife Margareta Stiers from Halmaal.

All remarks, additions or questions can be relayed via our guestbook or by sending us an e-mail.

Stephaan and Emmy

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