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from Kelsbeek (Belgian province of Limburg)
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News about the site

Saturday 29 December 2012 : many records of birth, marriage and death of children, grandchildren and grand-grandchildren of Godefridus were added

Friday 25 November : addition of Anna Bellis, first wife of Godefridus Kempeneers and their son Arnold and his wives and children

Saturday 11 June : additions of the Kempeneers and Reynaerts families

Tueday 15 March : children of Hendrik Van Tilt (1e marriage) added

Saturday 1 January 2011: records of Lambert Kempeneers added

Saturday 4 december : records of Vantilt, Lowel, Baldewijns added

Wednesday, 28 April : death certificate of Pierre Kempeneers, son of Godefridus and Anna Catharina Wauters, found on the website of Archives of Belgium , added

Wednesday, January 27th 2010, addition of the Lowel (Lüwel) and Vantilt Families

Wednesday, March 18th : records of the Reynaerts family (1700-1763) and the Janssens family (1870-1875) added

Sunday, January 4th: Janssens family tree added

Saturday January 3rd 2009: launch of the German version of the website

Saturday, August 23rd: records of the Reynaerts and Devroy-families till the year 1900 added

Sunday June 1rst: records of the Kempeneers-Baldewijns till the year 1900 added

Sunday, May 18th : records of the Kempeneers-Baldewijns till the year 1829 added

Sunday, April 27th : pictures, records and maps of all families updated

Sunday, April 13th : Familytree of the Reynaerts family added.

Monday, March 3rd, activation of the genealogy of the Devroy-Stessens family

Tuesday 5th of February: the seal of Mewis Kempeneers and the coat of arms of Waltherus Kempeners added

Tuesday 1rst of January 2008 : pictures of the parents houses added

Friday, December 14: start of the new site




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